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We hire well qualified, experienced staff. We believe in making sure the staff here are happy so that the children get the best experience and turnover is low. All of our staff have CPR/Fist Aid/SIDS training as well as Criminal Background Checks.
Leah Hanlon-Owner
Bethesda, MD

Leah has owned her in home child care for ten years. She has an MBA and a Bachelor's in Business Administration, as well as a degree in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys helping children go through the various stages of development as well as learn new experiences with our program.


"Owning a child care has been my dream job. I have always loved working with children and getting to make that my career is something I am forever grateful for. Watching them grow through the years is an unforgettable experience."

Hiroka Fukuhara-Teacher Fernwood Rd

Hiroka has a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology Sociology  and a degree in Early Childhood Education. Hiroka is Bilingual in Japanese and English. 


"I have worked at Lily Pads Child Care for almost four years. I also worked with multi-age groups in Japan for two years. I love how children are full of wonder. I enjoy playing and learning with them. I support them by understanding that they learn and develop at their own pace in their own way. I love watching them learn and grow!"

Brenda Gardner-Smith Teacher
Old Georgetown Rd.

Brenda has been working in the Bethesda location since it opened back in Jan. 2010. She has over fifteen years experience as a nanny and has taken courses in Medication Administration and other early childhood education related classes. 

"I enjoy being able to watch children grow and share in their development while meeting their needs. Most of all, I love helping them feel happy. Their smiles bring a huge smile to my face."

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Nazaree Moore-Ross Teacher Old Georgetown

Nazaree is currently working towards her degree in Early Childhood Education. She has already taken multiple classes related to the field. 

"I've always loved being around children. Watching them grow and become their own unique person is an amazing experience. Working with children is something I love to do. They can make such a big impact on a person". 

Rachel Manyak-Teacher Fernwood Rd

Before coming to Lily Pads, Rachel was a private nanny for 7 years.  She has worked with children from ages 3 months to 10+ years old. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.  Rachel is currently enrolled in Early Childhood Education classes and has taken multiple trainings.

"Childcare is something I have always been passionate about.  I love being able to watch the wheels in children's heads turn as they try something new and start to do things on their own.  I am fascinated by how quickly they develop and learn and am so grateful I get to watch that happen every single day working at Lily Pads."

Jill Goldsborough-Teacher Old Georgetown Rd.

Jill has been working in early childhood education in learning centers for almost 10 years.  She grew up in Los Angeles, CA. She has a general studies degree and is working towards a bachelor’s in education with an emphasis in Special Education.


“I love the energy that comes from working with young children. There is something so magnificent about watching a child discover a new concept. Being able to help facilitate these new ideas and new connections in children is what drives me. 

Catherine Reyes- Teacher Fernwood Rd

Catherine has been working with children for years and has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She has taken multiple classes related to early childhood education.

"I’ve always had a passion for working with children. Watching them develop intellectually and emotionally really fascinates me. I enjoy playing with them and watching them grow and learn new things everyday."

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